Drug Free World Is Our Goal

Yes, this is the main slogan we, the members of Global Anti-Drug Organization (GADO), always keep in our mind. To achieve the goal we have taken a long terms strategy where every citizen can contribute in different forms. This contribution means mot only Cash money or goods. But honest and sincere efforts and moral supports also.
Members of GDAO believe, strong cultural & social integrity of the citizen can solve many problems without help of the Government. Every one of us in somehow associated with somebody. Professional small or more association of different names tom serve their interest in respective fields. Formation of an association is very easy in a homogenous society as in Bangladesh. Our food habit, style of celebration, language and other daily activities of livelihood are almost same. We hope, all association will support individually or collectively to implement program of GADO Bangladesh Foundation.
GADO Bangladesh Foundation dreams of a society with harmony and free of drugs, HIV/AIDS, Population and related crime.